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Keeping your fleet vehicles looking great is an important part of maintaining your company/corporate image.


Dings, dents, and scratches are just a part of life! Driving around on the highway, picking people up at the airport, making deliveries, and carrying cargo puts your vehicles at risk, and it’s normal for your fleet to take a bit of damage over the years.


Remember: your vehicles reflect your professionalism. Well-maintained vehicles look good and speak well of your company, while vehicles in need of repairs may give your clients a poor impression. But it’s more than just that first impression:


Has better re-sale value. When it comes time to upgrade, selling your fleet vehicles will help you recoup your investment. The better the condition, the more the re-sale value.


Is safer to drive. You may not think that minor damage could affect your vehicle’s safety, but all those little “flaws” could lead to greater damage in case of a collision. By keeping the vehicle in tip-top shape, you ensure that your clients and employees are as safe as possible.


Gives a better sense of quality to your customers. If your customers see damage on your vehicle, it may give them the wrong impression about you and your company. Even minor details like this can impact your sterling reputation!

J. Anthony Designs is here to help you keep your professional appearance intact. We’ll make sure that your fleet of vehicles stays in tip-top shape, and we’ll help you deal with any damage–no matter how minor or major.


Whether you have a small fleet of flower delivery vans or a massive fleet of hundreds of company cars, J. Anthony Designs is the body repair shop for you! Few facilities in the Michiana area come so highly recommended, and no one else offers the same quality of customer service we do. Our pledge is to work with you to agree on repair costs that YOU are satisfied with, and you will never find fault with the quality of our repairs.


We know that having a vehicle in your fleet out of commission can be very costly to your company. J. Anthony Designs will make every attempt to get your fleet back to 100% as soon as possible.


To find out more, fill out the form below. We’ll make sure your fleet looks as good as new!